Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Adidas will release a top football shoes to be shoes king

Nike high-end football shoes series ELITE in the last scene temporarily, although Adidas quality does not lose NIKE, but the positioning of the upper falls on the leeward. Recently, a group of soccer shoes - was exposed to the adidas return to football shoes throne ambitions. AdiPOWER PREDATOR Adidas will be issued as an opportunity, launched SL series top soccer shoes products, including PREDATOR SL and adiPURE SL. Two have a F50 adiZERO lightweight soles, uppers materials also with the common version is different, the weight is greatly reduced. Plus winning the football shoes lightweight crown F50 adiZERO PRIME, Adidas 's top football series had to be fully equipped for. The NIKE and Adidas planes will be about to pull open big screen.

How To Extend The Life Of The Football Shoes

    When it is slightly wet, leather will be sucked, still let your foot comfort. But when it once the water, can make leather tight, contraction, lack, become not easy to dry.
Here are some simple suggestions, make shoes in the long-term use, can still maintain its original design, and function.
1 cleaning: regular cleaning is the first step in shoe care. Some dirt will enter the leather fiber interior, let it dry,and gradually loss function. We will use the salt water to the mud and dirt, grease or if it is very dirty, strong dirt, clean water to be useless, it is best to use leather cleaner and nylon brush, cleaned surface, as for the shoes with a damp cloth to wipe the inner lining, is clean, because from sweat salt by lining quickly enter the leather pores, and damage the leather organization, let it dry and cracked.
2 restore function or add waterproof agent: this work is not only to let the user's foot to keep dry, but also allows the foot to keep clean, the maintenance of leather to make it soft and durable the only proper course to take. The shoes clean water, whole double coated with proper waterproof agent, particularly in the suture and metal buckle part, should strengthen the, this is the leather shoes maintenance guarantee complete. When you want to get your shoes to accompany you through the long Cheng Qian twenty-four hours, preferably also again with waterproof agent tries to maintain, so make your shoes, for your feet, can keep dry.
3 keep dry : first shoelace open, insoles out, then put the shoes at room temperature, leave it to dry, do not use heat(fire, the sun, .... ) let it dry fast,because of excessive heat, will allow it to tissue damage, and adhesive properties may also be damaged. In addition in the shoes with newspapers, can make the shoes inside a water, to kill, don't forget, from time to time replacement has been wet newspaper.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Designed by the bionics Octopax soccer shoes

    Tobin Dorn, designers bring his latest design the "Octopax soccer shoes, with people feeling very strange, there can not be linked with soccer shoes, designer used the principle of bionics design, and reference is the specter of the sea. "octopus", the suction cups on the soles of the protruding objects much like octopus tentacles, this pair of shoes at the bottom of the interval between the air between the seam and to provide maximum power, to improve the performance of mobility in the field.