Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Adidas will release a top football shoes to be shoes king

Nike high-end football shoes series ELITE in the last scene temporarily, although Adidas quality does not lose NIKE, but the positioning of the upper falls on the leeward. Recently, a group of soccer shoes - was exposed to the adidas return to football shoes throne ambitions. AdiPOWER PREDATOR Adidas will be issued as an opportunity, launched SL series top soccer shoes products, including PREDATOR SL and adiPURE SL. Two have a F50 adiZERO lightweight soles, uppers materials also with the common version is different, the weight is greatly reduced. Plus winning the football shoes lightweight crown F50 adiZERO PRIME, Adidas 's top football series had to be fully equipped for. The NIKE and Adidas planes will be about to pull open big screen.

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