Thursday, March 1, 2012

SG soccer shoe cleaning to spike check cleaning ah???

SG soccer shoe cleaning to spike check cleaning ah
Of course, the last is to nail down for cleaning. So on the sole of the shoe and shoe will have the role of maintenance.
Tips: your SG spikes soccer shoe do not often remove the disassembling device, this will also affect the stability of tacks. General disassembly and cleaning does not need to be too frequent. In general, site of rain and wet and similar conditions after playing football under good cleaning.
Another point to please note!! Must pay attention to! SG shoes regardless of the other players or the landlord who has a certain degree of risk, especially for I. Must view to the correct use of shoes, such as turf is too short too long or uneven ground with SG shoes are extremely dangerous! I was so right ankle fracture! So in the ground with the FG HG. Believe that you must be very like their SG shoes, but this did not make fun of the. Strictly speaking, suitable for domestic SG shoes venue is not much,

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