Thursday, March 1, 2012

Adidas football shoes Predator AdiPower Falcon 11 all black.

Adidas Football shoes color be riotous with colour seizes the person eyeball, but the Adidas Predator AdiPower Falcon 11 generations of black color is true for soccer shoes fans prepared. The black color should be a falcon 11 generation of the final will also be the most classic color.
Adidas  Football shoe usually in a style of the last color options black, this adumbrative this style end and a new start, and the color of the output is not much.
The black Falcon Adidas Predator AdiPower 11 generation will start selling in March 1st.
Adidas football shoes Predator AdiPower Falcon 11 all black1.

Adidas football shoes Predator AdiPower Falcon 11 all black2.

Adidas football shoes F50 adizero Prime the blue / White / green color released

he new season is approaching, Adidas also released a new color Adidas F50 adiZero Prime football shoes. This pair of new color of the Adidas football shoes F50 a di Zero Prime football shoes a weighs only 145 grams, thanks to its use of new called adi Li te Twin thinner and lighter synthetic materials do vamp. The TPU end of the sprint frame to povi de lateral stability and support, with its configuration Tra xion odd nail in keeping the sole elasticity and light under the premise of providing better grip and uniformly dispersed pressure, odd nail distribution can increase the stability of fall prevention movement damage.
In addition to this pair of Adidas F50 adiZero Prime, also published the blue / White / green color of the ordinary version and the version of the paper in the Adidas F50 adiZero football shoes.
The latest Adidas F50 adiZero Prime color football shoes will be listed in October 1st, the price is about $210 / $300.

Football shoes and maintenance methods

Football shoes and maintenance methods
1 in the selection of sports Football shoes, please you according to your requirements and love style movement selection, because different types of sports shoes have different design requirements and use requirements, so choose your movement and the need of sports shoes is very necessary.
2 choosing to write the number, best can try: when I try on the Football shoes should be the feet, the upright posture, with the thumb on the activities as appropriate, should not be too large or too small; such as the selection of high shoe, the best use of the squat position confirmation after the port is grinding the ankle uppers.
The 3 type of shoes is said Football shoe FeiShou mark. This needs according to the footwear characteristics and foot FeiShou wake the choice. In addition, regulation of shoelace tightness, also can achieve your request, usually with no pressure for the benefits of instep.
4 when the shoes dirty, available water dipped in detergent scrub gently, then rinse with water, placed ventilation shade dry, avoid direct sunlight. Do not use heating or drying fire, lest cause aging, glue, fade and serious deformation. When the brush can soak a long time, soaking time generally should not exceed 2 hours.
5 sports  soccer shoes most synthetic polymer materials is (much like polyester nylon fabric and nonwoven synthetic leather, the sole use of rubber or foam rubber material ), some shoe upper leather, therefore, avoid contact with organic reagent and oil solution, while more unfavorable in high temperature environment for a long time wearing. General dress or washing temperature shall not be higher than 45 degree centigrade.
6 if stored for a long time, they should first clean dry brushing soccer shoes, put cool ventilated place, avoid mildew. Leather shoes with best paper or shoes, so as to avoid serious deformation.
7 so that you can get a satisfactory wearing, please treat your clothes, do not wear normal running shoes or walking shoes for football and other strenuous exercise. To give full play to your technical expertise.
* avoid contact with organic reagent and oil solution, compound, corium.
The unfavorable in high temperature environment for a long time in.
* try to ensure that at 45 degrees to minus 20 degrees Celsius environment range in.
If you don't wear a long time, should be first brush clean, placed in a cool place, avoid released mildew. Shoe preferably with filling up, to avoid deformation.
* Don't wear normal running soccer shoes or walking shoes for soccer and other strenuous exercise. Any kind of athletic shoe can not contact with weapon
* when the Football shoes dirty, rinse the detergent can dip gently scrub, then rinse with water.
* do not use strong brush or brush wash hard eagerly technology and printing pattern of edge and corner.
* after washing the best use of washing machine drying.
* if stored for a long time, should be first shoes clean, dry after placing cool-ventilated place, so that shoes have sufficient time to dry, to avoid mildew.
* do not use open flame heating or drying, easy to cause the shoes with glue, fade and deformation aging.
The water can soak a long time, soaking time should not exceed 2 hours.
* running soccer shoes nylon mesh fabric and artificial leather tanning relatively easy maintenance, available seaman washed, it is best not to use washing machine to wash or water immersion.
* put the soccer shoes and lace separated with neutral soap / powder washing. Wash a shoe insole, removed using a soft bristle brush gently scrub, then rinse clean.